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Fruits & Vegetables

Albion Hills Community Farm
Nikki Dallman & Deanna Coop
16555 Humber Station Rd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Variety of greens, potatoes, grains, tomatoes, squashes, zucchini, pumpkins, beans, peas, carrots, beets
Farmers’ Markets? Caledon Farmers’ Market
Special Notes: CSA shares also available.

Albion Orchards
Scott Lunau
14800 Innis Lake Rd., Caledon East Map
Product Availability: Apples (Aug.-Dec.) from farm
gate store, 10am-6pm
Special Notes: Pick your own also available.

Altavista Farms
Allan Thompson
12722 Heritage Rd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Sweet corn (Aug.-Sept.)
Farmers Markets: Inglewood Farmers’ Market

Am Braigh Farm
James Richards
873393 5th Line Mono EHS, Orangeville Map
519 941 9089,
Product Availability: Seasonal veggies but specializing in salad greens and spinach.
Special Notes: Farm-gate store is open from 8:00am-8:00pm, 7 days a week.

Amaranth Springs
Deb Walks
544090 Mono-Amaranth Townline Map
(519) -942- 4716,
Product Availability: Asparagus, baby greens, flowers, sweet corn, various vegetables and herbs
Farmers’ Markets? Amaranth Farmers’ Market
Special Notes: Call ahead. CSA shares also available.

Awesome Blossom
17221 Airport Rd., Caledon East Map
Product Availability: Seasonal vegetables

Berryview Farms
Greg Downey
13707 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon Map
905-838-4189, 416-816-4189
Product Availability: Apples and Pumpkins in the fall
Special Notes: PYO apples available.
Farmers Markets?: Occasionally at Orangeville Farmers’ Market

Besley Country Market
Brian & Evan
716 Victoria St., Shelburne Map
Product Availability: Seasonal vegetables, herbs, PYO strawberries & raspberries
Farmers Markets? Orangeville Farmers’ Market

Big’R Apple Farm
Nick Ferri
8672 Heritage Rd., Brampton Map
Product Availability: Strawberries (June/July), apples, pears, squash, pumpkins (Fall)

Birkbank Farms
Jeff & Sharon Wilson
6113 Trafalgar Rd., Orton Map
Product Availability: Strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, peas, beans, cabbage, potatoes, corn, pickles

Black Willow Farm
Anthony & Cheryl Dawson
5899 Tenth Line, Erin Map
519-855-6279, 905-872-2297,
Product Availability: Variety of seasonal vegetables (summer-fall).
Farmers’ Markets? Orangeville Farmers’ Market
Special Notes: Farm-gate sales by appointment, please call ahead.

Breaking Ground CSA
Elizabeth Bryan
424108 25 Sideroad, Amaranth Map
Product Availability: seasonal veggies (spring mixes, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, squash, carrots, radishes, beets)
Farmers’ Markets? Amaranth Farmers’ Market

Chesslawn Vineyard & Winery
Dave & Lisa Matson
8859 Castlederg Sdrd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Grapes (Fall)
Special Notes: Farm gate availability by appointment.

John Sutherland
5881 3rd Line, Hillsburgh
Product Availability: Greens Mix & pea shoots (mostly year round); Tomatoes, squash (summer and fall); various other vegetables according to season

Dixie Orchards
Paul Gray
14309 Dixie Rd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Black & Red Raspberries (July), Red Currants (July), Crabapples & Peaches (Aug.), Apples, Pears, Plums, Pumpkins, Squash (Sept.-Oct.), Pop Corn (Oct.)
Special Notes: Pick-Your-Own available.

Downey’s Farm Market
Darlene Downey
13682 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Strawberries (June), Raspberries (July), Peas, Beans, Sweet Corn, Pumpkins (Oct.)
Special Notes: Pick-Your-Own available.

Everdale Certified Organic Farm
Carl Leslie, Farm Manager
5812 Sixth Line, Hillsburgh Map
519-855-4859 ext.106 ,
Product Availability: Organic vegetables, herbs, fruit (year-round)
Farmers’ Markets? Erin Farmers’ Market Friday
Special Notes: CSA shares also available.

Fiddle Foot Farm
Graham Corbett & Amy Ouchterlony
796530 3rd Line EHS Map
Product Availability: Variety of seasonal vegetables, including carrots, beets, garlic, salad greens, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, squash, summer squash, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, dry beans, tomatoes, herbs, turnips, radishes, peppers, eggplant.
Farmers’ Markets?: Orangeville Farmers’ Market,
Creemore Farmers’ Market

Fresh & Tasty Mushrooms
Sean & Shannon DeClerc
519-925-3215, 647-828-3682
Product Availability: Specialty mushrooms, including oyster, shitake, king oyster, cinnamon, and more
Farmers’ Markets?: Orangeville Farmers’ Market

Fresh Veggies
Bob Baloch
(905) 799-6150,
Product Availability: Variety of seasonal vegetables (spring-fall)

Giddy Yo-Yo
Mark & Bridgitte
9-75 First Street, Orangeville Map
Product Availability: pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, other greens (Year-round)

Golden Innisfree Farms
John Slack
Product Availability: potatoes, green beans, peas, strawberries & more.
Farmers’ Markets?: Inglewood Farmers’ Market, Caledon Farmers’ Market

Hidden Meadows Farm
Deborah Robillard & Andrew Sharko
18898 Hurontario Street, Caledon Village Map
Product Availability: Seasonal Veggies
Farmers’ Markets?: Orangeville Farmers’ Market, Amaranth Farmers’ Market

Hockley Valley Herb & Tea Ltd.
Lena, Owner
15958 Airport Rd., Caledon East Map
905-584-7227, 647-237-4832
Product Availability: morels (mid May-mid June), wild leeks & fiddle heads (late-Spring), herbs, sorrel & more
Special Notes: Call ahead to order.

Horseshoe Hill Apple Farm
Linda Gillstrom
15691 Horseshoe Hill Rd. Map
Product Availability: Apples, sweet & bi-colored corn, red onions, zucchini, butternut & acorn squash, garlic, gourds, pumpkins, honey.
Special Notes: Farm-gate availability from mid-June to Oct 31.

Jenala Farms
Ken & Faye Brett
475080 County Rd 11, Amaranth Map
(519) 925 5464
Product Availability: asparagus, sweet corn, pumpkins, daily at farm gate in season. Strawberries in season. Pick your own and ready picked
Special Notes: Farm-gate availability from mid-June to Oct 31, call ahead for hours. Pick your own available.

JD Black & Son Farms
Jim, Marian, Colin & Heather Black
518156 County Rd 124 Melancthon
(519)-925-6390, (519)-925-6164,
Product Availability: Potatoes- Red, White & Yukon Gold
Special Notes: Farm Gate is open daily. Wholesale available.

Kang Farm
14507 McLaughlin Rd., Inglewood Map
Product Availability: Strawberries, peas (mid- June-July)
Special Notes: Farm-gate availability from mid- June to mid-July.

Ken Speirs Orchards
Lonna or Ken, Owners
4810 Mayfield Rd., Caledon Map
905-846-0506, 905-843-2320
Product Availability: Apples & already-sliced, diced, or pureed apples (Year-round)

Landman Gardens & Bakery
Rebecca Landman
322345 Concession 6-7, Grand Valley Map
Product Availability: Seasonal veggies, CSA
Farmers’ Markets?: Inglewood Farmers’ Market

Lennox Farm Ltd.
Bill French
518204 County Rd. 124, Shelburne Map
Product Availability: Forced rhubarb (fall-winter), outdoor rhubarb (May-June), strawberries, peas, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, squash, sweet corn

LOVE Ontario Garlic
Bart & Lisa Brusse
Hillsburgh, ON
Product Availability: Garlic scapes available late June/early July. Garlic bulbs, braids and seed garlic available early August to December, or while supplies last.
Special Notes: Naturally grown in the fertile soils of the Orangeville Moraine. Order early!

Murphy’s Farmstead
Hollis Murphy
5141 Simcoe Road 10, Alliston Map
(705) 435-2141,
Product Availability: asparagus, blueberries cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, pumpkin, squash

Music Farm
14130 Creditview Rd., Cheltenham Map
Product Availability: Dandelion greens, garlic scapes (July), garlic (Aug. 1 – Oct. 31)
Farmers’ Market: Inglewood Farmers’ Market

Nature’s Nurturing
Thomas Elcome
(519) 939-9114,
Product Availability: Soil grown sprouts and baby greens, superfood and vegetable seedlings

Neil Morris’ Market Garden
Neil Morris
Product Availability: rhubarb, herbs, Jerusalem artichokes (June-July), peppers, zucchini, and variety of other vegetables (Aug.-Sept.)
Farmers’ Markets?: Inglewood Farmers’ Market

Old Country Farm
Richard & Jennifer Kendell
38042 20 Sideroad, Amaranth Map
Product Availability: seasonal veggies

Orchalaw Farms
Heather Laidlaw
9726 Heritage Rd., Brampton Map
Product Availability: Apples, pears, pumpkins, squash, corn (fall)

Peace Ranch
Heidi Torreiter
19179 Centreville Creek Rd., Caledon East Map
905-584-9156 x 27
Product Availability: Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, beans, summer squash, flowers, kale, herbs, onions, cabbage, etc. (summer-fall)
Special Notes: Market Garden CSA Program available, call for more details.

Quint Ferri North Farm
9156 Heritage Rd., Brampton Map
Product Availability: 14 varieties of apples (Aug.-Sept.), u-pick or ready picked

Reid’s Potatoes & Farm Market
Gerry & Tricia, Owners
833153 4th Line, Mono (just north of Hwy 9) Map
Product Availability: Wide range of seasonal vegetables including: asparagus, lettuce (spring), spinach, greens, peppers, tomatoes (summer-fall), squash, beets, carrots, garlic, novelty potato varieties (purple, blue, fingerlings) (Year-round)

Riverdale Farm & Forest Inc.
Owen Goltz
15707 McLaughlin Rd., Inglewood Map
Product Availability: Variety of vegetables, including variety of salad greens
Farmers’ Markets?: Inglewood Farmers’ Market

Rock Garden Farms
Margaret Galati
16390 Airport Rd., Caledon East Map
Product Availability: Strawberries (June), Corn (Aug.), Squash (Fall)
Special Notes: Foods from other local farmers also sold in the market.

Sarete Farms
Maria Amatiello
1366 Wanless Drive, Brampton Map
Product Availability: Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables
Delivery to restaurants? Yes
Farmers Market: Caledon Farmers’ Market

Simpson’s Sweet Corn
Doug Simpson
063077 Dufferin County Rd 3, Garafraxa Map
Product Availability: Sweet corn Aug 1 to Thanksgiving, weather-permitting

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
Thomas Wilson & Nicole Judge
1137 Boston Mills Rd., Cheltenham Map

The New Farm
Gillian Flies & Brent Preston
Product Availability: over 75 varieties of heirloom vegetables, salad mixes
Special Notes: Certified organic & Local Food Plus.

Uphill Farm Organics
5113 3rd Line, Erin Map
Product Availability: Variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables, including asparagus, blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb, eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, squash, peppers
Special Notes: Best to call ahead to ensure product availability.

Van Dyken Brothers
Curtis Van Dyken
14510 The Gore Rd., Bolton Map
Product Availability: Pick-Your-Own tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, peas, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, other seasonal vegetables (June-Nov.)
Speical Notes: Specializing in pick-your-own.

Whitney Farm
Tom Whitney
10928 Hwy 9 (2 miles east of Airport Rd.) Map
(519) 940-3823,
Product Availability: Greens (various lettuces, spinach, etc.), Summer and winter squash, Potatoes, onions and garlic, Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, Sweet corn, Beets and carrots, Culinary herbs (both potted for transplant and cut fresh), Pumpkins in the fall

Whole Village CSA Farm
Tori Waugh
20725 Shaw’s Creek Rd., Caledon Map
Product Availability: Variety of seasonal vegetables.

Windy Field Farms
Ralph & Julie Baumlisberger
9th Line, Grand Valley Map
Product Availability: Blue Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Brown Oyster, Shitake mushrooms (Year-round) fresh produce (salad greens, heirloom tomatoes, beets, carrots, squash)
Farmers’ Market: Inglewood Farmers’ Market
Special Notes: Pre-ordering is necessary for farm gate sales. Call ahead.