Eat Local – Buy Local – Grow Local – Sell Local

Why Support a Local Food System?

Economy: Buying and selling local food re-circulates money within the community, thereby benefiting all community businesses and members. When farmers are able to sell their product directly, their farm businesses can be more profitable. Profit margins for farmers through conventional distribution channels are usually slim. The presence of a direct market for local farm products makes farming more viable and supports the local farm economy.

Environment: Local food trade generates far less pollution and utilizes far fewer resources than non-local food distribution. Studies have shown that the average distance that food travels from farm to plate in North America is 1,500 miles. Of the fossil fuels that are used in the world’s food system, only 10% goes into actual food production, and the remaining 90% goes towards the packaging, transporting and marketing. Buying and selling food locally helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and supports a more sustainable food system. In addition, the presence of viable local farm businesses contributes to the preservation of farmland in the region.

Culture: A connected and working local food system helps to foster a sense of community. It helps to preserve the rural flavour and landscape that makes the Caledon-Headwaters area so special. Local food trade connects local farmers and businesses, providing a story and giving more meaning behind food that is sold and served.