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Participating Retailers

Participating Retailers

S = Shop
M = On-site farm market
B = On-site bakery
W = On-site winery or cidery
C = Coffee & sit-down fare

Albion Orchards M, B
Scott Lunau
14800 Innis Lake Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-0354
Season: August-December
Local Products: Pick-Your-Own of already-picked apples, apple Cider, pumpkins, Christmas trees, sauces & preserves

Awesome Blossom M
17221 Airport Rd., Caledon East
Season: Spring-Fall
Local Products: Seasonal vegetables and fruits, corn, baked goods, flowers, honey

Belfountain Village Store S, C
Dave & Sam Shepperd
17277 Old Main, Belfountain, (519) 927-1748
Local Products: Mrs. V’s preserves, maple syrup, maple butter, honey, pasta, sauces, pickles, chips, Goodness Me! pies, salsa and more.

Broadway Farm’s Market M
Janine Livingston
12506 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon, (905) 843-9225
Season: Year-round
Local Products: Black Angus beef, prepared foods, meats, cheese, preserves and more.

Cheltenham General Store S, C
Glen Judge
14386 Creditview Road, Cheltenham, 905-838-2729
Local Products: Locally raised “AAA” black angus beef from the Judge farm, chocolate made in Cheltenham, honey, maple syrup, jams, salad dressings, tortieres, Goodness Me! Pies, lasagnas and more.

Davis Feed & Farm Supply M
John Davis
15770 Mountainview Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-2880
Season: Year-round
Local Products: Vegetables, honey

Dixie Orchards M
Paul Gray
14309 Dixie Rd., Caledon, 416-528-0274
Season: September-October
Local Products: Golden Raspberries, crab-apples, 17 varieties of apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, honey, pies, cookies, corn, popping corn, Indian/decorative corn

Downey’s Farm Market & Winery B, M, W
Darlene Downey
13682 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon, 905-838-2990
Season: Year-round
Local Products: Asparagus (May), Pick-Your-Own and already-picked strawberries (June) & raspberries (July), sweet corn, pumpkins (Oct.), pumpkin donuts, pies, breads & buns (April-Dec.), Fruit and grape wines, maple wine, apple & apple-raspberry hard cider (Year-round), fudge, Woolwich cheese, chutneys, jams, jellies, honeys, pickles

Foodland – Caledon East S, B
Kurt & Donni Geiser, Store Owners
15771 Airport Rd., Caledon East
Tel: (905) 584-9677
Local Products: Strawberries, cucumber, potatoes, rhubarb, honey, Goodness Me! pies, flowers and more.

Garden Foods S, B
Piero Carbone
501 Queen Street South, Bolton, 905-857-1227
Local Products: Seasonal vegetables and fruits, Beretta organic meats, honey, breads, flowers and more.

Gourmandissimo Catering & Fine Foods S, B, C
Adriana & Gilles Roche
16023 Airport Rd. Caledon East, 905-584-0005
Local Products: Honey, baked goods made from local fruits and vegetables, pies, chutney

Heatherlea Farm Market M, B
Pat McArthur
17049 Winston Churchill Blvd., Caledon, 519-927-5902
Season: Year-round
Local Products: Black Angus beef, local chicken, turkey, pork, wild boar, lamb, entrees, sliders, honey, seasonal produce, sweet corn, pumpkins, pies, cookies, preserves

Howard the Butchers S, B
Howard Beckett & Ann Dunbar
15980 Airport Rd, Caledon East, 905-584-2934
Local Products: Fresh breads and buns made to order (white, whole wheat, cinnamon,
egg and more), seasonal vegetables & fruits, maple syrup, goat cheese and more.

Inglewood General Store S, C
Roxanne Mountain
15596 McLaughlin Rd., Inglewood, 905.838.4386
Local Products: Goodness Me! pies & crisps, sauces & dressings, honey, shortbread, meats, dog biscuits, ice cream, breads, baked goods and more.

Ken Speirs Orchards M, B
Lonna Speirs
4810 Mayfield Rd., Caledon, 905-846-0506, 905-843-2320
Season: Year-round
Local Products: Apples & already-sliced, diced, or pureed apples, freshly-baked pies, apple cider

Mercato Fine Foods Bakery Deli& S, B, C
1 Queensgate Blvd, Unit 21–22, 905.857.9040
Local Products: Breads, cakes, pastries, gelato

Peace Ranch M
Heidi Torreiter
19179 Centreville Creek Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-9156 x 27
Season: Spring-Fall, call to order
Local Products: Organically grown carrots, tomatoes, peppers, beans, summer squash, flowers, kale, herbs, onions, cabbage, etc. (summer-fall)

Rock Garden Farms M, B
Margaret Galati
16390 Airport Rd., Caledon East, 905-584-9461
Season: April-October
Local Products: Strawberries (June), rhubarb (May-June), corn (Aug.), squash (Fall), pies, turnovers, tarts, breads, pumpkins, garlic, eggs, herbs and vegetables from other local farmers, greens from Caledon Farm, preserves, dog biscuits, tomato sauce, jams, cured meats, honey, pesto and more

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery M, B, W, C
Thomas Wilson & Nicole Judge
1137 Boston Mills Rd., Cheltenham, 905-838-2530
Season: Year-round, Also at Caledon Farmers’ Market, June-October.
Local Products: Apples, Artisan breads, baguettes, pies, tarts, hard and soft apple cider, organic wheat, honey, dressings, pickled goods, apple butters and sauces, chutneys, cookie mix, local cheeses

Tammeron Centres for Wellbeing S
Tammeron Karaim
758 Bush Street, Belfountain, (519) 927-0069 ‎
Local Products: Honey, raw foods using local, seasonal ingredients

Tea Boutique S, C
Lena Valiquette
15958 Airport Road, Caledon East, (905) 584-7227 ‎
Local Products: Herbal tisanes with locally grown or foraged ingredients, monthly specials that feature local, seasonal ingredients, soups, baked goods and more.