Eat Local – Buy Local – Grow Local – Sell Local

Farmland Preservation and Food Security

By supporting local farmers, you are helping to maintain their livelihoods and keep local farming viable and sustainable. It also helps that when you buy directly from the farmer, they see 100% of the profits!

With small farmers struggling to maintain their livelihood and development pressures looming, the preservation of farmland in the Caledon area (and on a broader scale, Ontario) depends on our support for local farmers. We need to preserve our farmland, farms and farmers so that we do not sacrifice our ability to feed ourselves into the future. It is fairly easy to take food security for granted when grocery store shelves are overflowing (primarily with imported foods of course). But with each tract of prime agricultural land that is paved over, we are undermining our own sustainability in the face of future scenarios such as peak oil, border closures, and climate change and so on…

The good news is that the local food movement continues to gain momentum and has the power to reverse the status quo. Even better news is that doing your part is simple and fun! Just think of it this way: eating locally is a “three-times-a-day” step in the right direction!